Tomonari Nozaki – The Fall of Icarus

“Play my music with your imagination freely.” is the caption which reads next to most online webpages associated with Tokyo artist Tomonari Nozaki. Possibly more apt than Nozaki realizes, this particular excerpt from the piece “The Fall of Icarus” is a visual work to put it mildly, so if you don’t have an articulate imagination, you may be in trouble. The first 4+1/2 minutes are a hopeful ascension that can only lead one to imagine the moments when Icarus first realizes his means for flight. The minutes following the first section then feel like the actual flight itself and the emotions he must have felt in defeating nature and taking off into the sky. I can only guess that the remaining set of sounds which we don’t get in this excerpt describe, paint, or whatever you might say Nozaki does with audio, the arrogance and eventual downfall of the lead figure. Plenty of fuel for your mind.



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