Aidan Baker – Ecliptic Plane

Aidan Baker has a new collection of pieces coming out titled Ecliptic Plane that fit smoothly into any playlist here at Polish Downpour. Some of these samples sound very much like a vast open plane voicing itself in tangible sounds maybe mixed with incidental music for a film or video game soundtrack. The title is worth reflecting on as “ecliptic” has several definitions that we can only speculate as to which Baker intended denoting. The most obvious being “pertaining to an eclipse” but the astronomical definition, “the great circle formed by the intersection of the plane of the earth’s orbit with the celestial sphere” and the astrological definition “the great circle of the ecliptic, along which are located the 12 houses and signs of the zodiac” seem the more viable candidates. In any case, Baker’s ability to generate mentally rewarding and relaxing sounds is welcome. Look for the release which is due out on Moscow label DRONARIVM which, I hadn’t previously realized, also houses Austici.



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