Nightskies -DS 12 Tempok Nor

Nightskies is the project of Italian artist Arnaldo Tarsetti and this track “DS 12 – Tempok Nor” is a fine specimen of sci-fi soundscapes which create a mood and experience unlike things you might find outside of the genre. The sounds created here feel like whispering computers on a remote outpost; soulless, yet with an eerie life to them. In this way the track does beautifully what we as humans seem always to want to do: see ourselves in otherwise inanimate objects. It’s this desire to anthropomorphize everything which has dominated the realm of science-fiction in the last half century and this desire is what makes tracks like this work. We want there to be life in space, in machines. We want to see human faces in clouds, tree trunks, the moon, or even storm swirls on distant planets. Tarsetti pleasantly brings us one step closer to humanizing things in the world around us.



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