Will Samson – You Are An Ocean

Without even reading a single word, simply from hearing the first few soundings espoused from the track, I would describe them as “oceanic”, or at the very least, “hydrous” in some way, whether vapor, ice, or water, that is the mastery Will Samson and in this case Benoit Pioulard, have over the sphere of minimalist ambience. The track “You Are An Ocean”, is pleasurably hypnotic, and if you haven’t notice, here at polishdownpour, pleasurably hypnotic is something we take to like fish to water. Interestingly, Will Samson created this collection of pieces following a traumatic injury to his mouth and teeth only a couple weeks after he had relocated to Portugal from the UK earlier this year, an experience that shaped the recordings. More from Will, here: http://www.12k.com/releases/lua/


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