About Polish Downpour

Polish Downpour is the product of two Polish-Americans (Erich Kowalewski and Dan Mazur) who love ambient, experimental, electronic, and occasionally straight up pop music. We take the best from anywhere but most often Europe.


Erich Kowalewski

Erich Kowalewski was born in Gdańsk, Poland, grew up half in Germany and half in California. He was raised on Pokemon, Fußball/Soccer and Doritos. He has never touched an instrument but writes an enticing review and hopes to find a way to wheedle money out of the profession somehow. He met Dan while at UC Irvine and the two started this blog in February of 2015.


Dan Mazur

Dan’s story is a little simpler, a second generation Pole whose dad, a Polish immigrant, married a women in Bothell, Washington where he lived until moving down to California for a brief college stint. Now he spends his time traveling up and down the west coast, writing from wherever he lands and sharing blog duties with Erich.


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