Kelly Lee Owens – Spaces

With a warping, shifting, yet breezy sound, Kelly Lee Owens creates a spacious, ambient pop-track hybrid which feels like a nice change from what’s been pushed to me recently. Her echoey vocals bring a warm, calming effect which permeates today’s troubles and provides some lyrical mining material for fans willing to wade a little deeper.



Brian Eno with Kevin Shields – Only Once Away My Son

This track seems neither celebratory nor mournful, but like a fly on the wall of the universe itself, the music is a simple witness to the happenings of nature; sometimes cold and heartless, sometimes triumphant and warm. We have yet to post any tracks by the father of ambient music, Brian Eno and there’s no better introduction than a fantastic piece like this, composed by Eno and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) released recently on Adult Swim singles. The vibrations throughout give the effect of the earth quaking some distance off, while voices spin about; some passing to their own destination, some coalescing to join the great singular noise of the song. Another breathtaking installment in a long line of Eno credits.


Shelf Nunny – I Should Have Known

It’s a subtle groove, just prominent enough to make its melodies known but calm enough to push some of the sweat off your forehead and I’ve got to admit I’ve been pretty impressed with the output of Shelf Nunny and their labelmates as of late. I tend to lean more to ambient and less experimental pop, but tracks like this “I Should Have Known”, from Shelf Nunny, have really been hitting the spot for me. The slight permutations made throughout the track are, again, loud enough to make the necessary emotional effect but not so loud that they demand any additional energy from the listener, and that’s a tough tightrope to walk. Well done.


HimeHime – Bath Texts

If you hear the intro to this track and think you’ve stumbled on a corrupt mp3, fear not. The song reaches a relaxing, hazy, feel beginning at precisely the 1-minute mark and this is where HimeHime shines. Whether you hear a tranquil jungle or maybe a calm, after hours shower, this track provides some aural ‘E’ that takes me places too fine to accurately articulate this early in the week. HimeHime does a bang-up job bringing the variety on his bath texts release which can be found the other side of the link above.





Lushloss – Shame

Lushloss, an artist on Hush-Hush Records, grants us a brief remission from our struggles with a cathartic 2min 15 sec of minimal ambiance and peace with this track “Shame”. ┬áIn her own words Lushloss is: Olive Jun, a 25 year-old Korean-American trans woman. You don’t have to listen long to hear how much of herself she’s genuinely poured into this music and how brilliant her resolve in the finished product.


Giulio Aldinucci – Exodus Mandala

The interesting element of this Aldinucci track is how the choral sounds remain largely untouched yet everything around changes as the aural wind warps around them, sometimes permeating them, sometimes altering the inflection and the timbre as the song progresses. It’s been some time since we’ve done a slow building ambient track, but this one is worth tuning your mind to if you have the patience just to let it wash over you. Giulio Aldinucci is no stranger to what is called “experimental electroacoustic” and the evidence is rather clear from this piece by the Siena, Italy native who has been active in the genre for over 17 years.


Public Service Broadcasting – They Gave Me A Lamp

One of our favorite “Rock-meets-Spoken-word-recording” artists Public Service Broadcasting have a new release entitled Every Valley. This track “They Gave Me A Lamp”, I’d like to say is my favorite, but really it’s the only one available in its entirety on Soundcloud. Nevertheless it provides an adequate sample of the new set of recordings, replete with strung together spoken word and a post-punk backing. There’s really just something nice about the simple pairing of the two; uplifting, thought provoking, and the inclusion of brass toward the end almost gives this a Of Monsters and Men feel to it.